Ultra light
Very fine and very open knitted sock construction, for this reason, ultra light.  Socks with this technology are lightened without losing their characteristics such as comfort and durability.

Socks: Thanks to the most modern production machines, it is possible to apply seamless technology, which eliminates seams and guarantees no discomfort to the foot.

Jersey: Single tube with no seams, a source of irritation due to friction and chafing.

Chess Grip 
Alternating raised inserts at the metatarsal stabilizes the sock inside the shoe during pushing, transmitting maximum force to the pedal.

Right vs Left: Anatomical construction of the sock differentiated between right and left foot to ensure comfort and proper fit.

Heel Guard 
High density inserts that protect the heel and dampen the pressure.

Power Transmitter Ergonomic Sole
Ergonomic insole with differentiated thickness zones. Modelled on the sole of the foot, it guarantees greater thickness in the areas of higher pressure and transmission of energy with the shoe, also providing a pleasant sensation to the touch. Less thickness and lighter weaving in the remaining areas to provide greater breathability and air circulation.

Fix Compression Bridge
Comfort and maximum stability! The bridge and arch of the foot are wrapped in the sock like second skin, guaranteeing unique stability during movement and at the right compression to facilitate blood flow, thus improving the oxygenation of the muscles and therefore speeding up recovery.

What’s more annoying than a leg-tightening rubber band or worse than a falling sock? Our elastic wristband with No-Block-Cuff system adheres perfectly to the leg supporting the sock but without tightening.

Malleolus Guard
Increased density inserts that protect the lateral and medial malleolus.

Tendon Guard
Thanks to a targeted and high density construction, the Tendon Guard system protects Achilles tendons and ankles from chafing, blisters and minor impacts.

Big Toe Protection
Reinforced fabric for extra durability in one of the most vulnerable areas of a sock: the big toe. The rest of the toe is light and breathable in places not subject to rubbing and pressure.

Thanks to the bio ceramic particles inserted into the fabric, the microcirculation of the surface layer from the skin is activated. These particles filter and reflect part of the infrared rays through which heat is released. In addition to benefiting from better temperature control, the stimulation of blood microcirculation enhances performance benefits.

Leg Compression Y
In addition to performing a support function by wrapping the muscle, the compression structure around the leg increases the muscle oxygenation, facilitating the circulation to the heart, thereby improving performance.

3D Climate Control Flows
A Microchannel with a three-dimensional structure applied from the toes to the calf simultaneously transfers sweat to the outside and, to the outer layer when in contact with the skin, the circulation of air results to a dry and well ventilated foot.

Every structure, yarn, technology have been inserted trying to minimize the impact on the design of the jersey. A style as clean as possible without sacrificing performance.

Ergo Neck 
Soft fabric collar that wraps around the neck without choking.

Body Fix Moving 
Inserts, elasticity and length of fabric calibrated according to the yarns used. This allows the jersey to stay in its position leaving freedom of movement.

Mid Comp 
Medium compression, adheres to the body without being uncomfortable.

Flex Zones 
Fabric structure differentiated between inside and outside elbow area. This allows the fabric to follow the movement of the arms.

Inner arm area with differentiated fabric structure to promote the perspiration of excess sweat to the outside.

Lower abdomen area with differentiated fabric structure to maintain warmth and promote the evaporation of excess moisture.

Inner back area with differentiated fabric structure to promote perspiration.

Integrated and distributed processing and weaves with differentiated thickness. Between the skin and the fabric creates flows and air cushions that respectively cool and insulate regulating the temperature.

The Light Dry wide-mesh fabric regulates perspiration by cooling or insulating depending on conditions.