Qik was born with the idea of combining technology and style into a product completely Made in Italy. All Qik products are created, designed and manufactured in Italy.


The athlete comes first: in the development of our concept we do not start with the products, but rather with the intent of who will use them; following his needs and his sensations.


Being innovative means improving what already exists, through intuition, experience and constant research of the latest technologies. At Qik, the research, design, development and medical team has many years of experience in their respective fields and sports, as well as being equipped with advanced instruments that allow it to collect and accurately process all the data necessary for product development such as sweating, oxygenation, heat, moisture, bacteriostatic activity.


The steps to arrive at a first product that satisfied our initial ideas and insights were numerous, required several development cycles and the involvement of professional and amateur athletes employed in the most extreme conditions, indoor and outdoor. In fact, in each cycle the objective was to improve the prototype made in the previous cycle, even if this was not always successful. As in any experimentation, some prototypes have been a failure, forcing us to restart from the previous step. These improvements are the result from the analysis of the data provided by the sensors of our instruments and the impressions/requests of the athlete subjected to functional and comparison tests. If in the first cycles we considered these as a comparison to the best products already currently on the market, once these were exceeded, the comparison took place with our own prototypes from the previous cycle. In the development of the products, we did not stop at the reconstruction of the garment, but we also intervened on materials, yarns and dyes, which are essential to improve performance. Qik’s hi-tech yarns exploit many properties, including thermoregulation, breathability and bacteriostatic strength, already used in various fields including aerospace. All these technologies are illustrated and deepened in every single product.


We believe in transparency with the athlete, the final customer, is fundamental. The technologies and technical data reported on the products are the result of studies and / or tests certified by our team or by our suppliers and partners, carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


We listen to our customers who for us are the most important feedback, as we keep on evolving our products. We ask, or rather demand, that every observation, comment or suggestion be communicated to us.


Last but not least, the style. Once the technical and functional features were consolidated, the design was entrusted to our young designers who thought and took care of every aesthetic and chromatic detail without ever compromising the technologies and comfort of the product. We wanted a technical and performing product that was also attractive to look at.


Qik is synonymous with quality, which is fundamental to us in every stage of production. All production steps are properly monitored so that each individual product meets the high standards of design.


Qik is environmentally and sustainably aware, and this also influences the choice of partners and suppliers who need to be aligned with our policy. Each stage, design, production and logistics as well as complying with all environmental regulations must minimize the environmental impact through the use of renewable sources for energy, recovery and recycling of materials, avoiding waste as much as possible.

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