Frequently Asked Questions

Qik products are aimed at all those who want to increase their performance and benefit from Qik's technologies. The benefits increase in proportion to the duration and intensity of physical activity.

Qik is constantly searching for the latest technologies in the field of yarns and fabrics that protect and improve the athlete's performance. These technologies are supported by research and tested by accredited laboratories or universities, which certify their validity. Wearing Qik products can benefit before, during and after exercise. They improve the circulation and oxygenation of the muscles, they support and stabilize the muscles, reducing vibrations and assisting in muscle recovery, limiting the risk of injury.

We recommend washing the product inside out (to avoid the fabric from pilling) at a cold temperature (30°).

Our products are strictly Made in Italy and are made in specialized laboratories and factories, in full compliance with the regulations on labor, safety and the environment.

In addition to complying with current regulations, Qik pays attention to the environment through every phase, from design to production, logistics and sales. Materials are recycled and recovered whenever possible, most of the energy used comes from renewable sources and the use of plastics is reduced to a minimum. All these are fundamental factors that we consider, even in the choice of our own partners and suppliers.